IAF maintenance branch wins technology prize

Ground forces’ Yiftah Unit and IDF’s maintenance and restoration center are recognized with second, third places for annual award.

IAF A-4, F-16 jets at Hatzerim_370 (photo credit: Reuters/Amir Cohen)
IAF A-4, F-16 jets at Hatzerim_370
(photo credit: Reuters/Amir Cohen)
The Israel Air Force’s Maintenance Unit won first place in the technological category of the IDF chief of staff’s prize on Sunday, and was cited for its creative production abilities, efficiency and cost-cutting measures.
The unit restored a plane that had been written off as a total loss and brought it back into service, an effort that resulted in massive savings for the IDF. The unit also received praise for its work to promote Ethiopian officers.
The ground forces’ Yiftah Unit, which develops technologies for emergencies and routine situations, won the second-place prize.
“There are no limits to the imagination in this unit, which acts a role model in this field,” a senior IDF source said.
Third place was awarded to the IDF’s Maintenance and Restoration Center, which produces Merkava 4 tanks, and maintains all of the ground forces’ combat vehicles, firearms and telecommunications equipment at its Tel Hashomer and Haifa sites, as well as on the battlefield.
The center won the prize due to its high-quality training of staff to function in emergencies, which enabled technicians to successfully work in the South last month when it was under fire from Gaza rockets.
The training places crews under intense pressure in order to prepare them for conflicts. The center was also lauded for coming up with a unique set of measures to identify dangerous aspects of arms production and eliminate undesirable conditions, thereby preventing accidents.
The measures are set to be adopted by other IDF branches and major civilian corporations.