IAF strikes targets in Gaza

In response to rocket fire at Israel, the IAF targeted suspected Palestinian terrorists.

IDF strikes targets in Gaza (photo credit: COURTESY IDF SPOKESMAN'S OFFICE)
IDF strikes targets in Gaza
The Israeli Air Force launched airstrikes at three suspected terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip before dawn on Friday, the IDF spokesman said.
"In response to the rocket fire at Israel, IAF aircraft targeted overnight a terror activity site and a weapon manufacturing facility in the northern Gaza strip and a weapon storage facility in the southern Gaza Strip," the IDF said. "Direct hits were confirmed."
"Israelis cannot be held at the mercy of these hideous terrorists operating from Hamas Gaza Strip," an IDF spokesperson said. "The bases of Gaza terrorism and its industry of death will not be immune while our citizens are being attacked. It is our responsibility, right and obligation to defend Israel from Gaza-based aggression."
"We will not tolerate rocket fire towards Israel or any attempt to return to the situation before Operation Pillar of Defense," Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, who is currently on a work visit to Germany, said in a statement.
The defense minister stressed that Israel holds Hamas responsible to everything that happens in the Gaza Strip, and that the organization will pay the price for any rocket shooting or terror attacks against Israel.
Earlier in January, the IAF struck and killed Islamic Jihad terrorist Ahmed Sa'ad, who had taken part in the planning and carrying out of rocket attacks on southern Israel.
January has seen an upsurge in Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza on southern Israel.