PRC video claims to show missile strike on IDF jeep

Gazan terror group releases clip it says depicts weekend attack, in which four IDF soldiers were injured while patrolling border.

IDF jeep explosion video screenshot 370 (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
IDF jeep explosion video screenshot 370
(photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
A video released by Gaza terrorists surfaced on YouTube on Tuesday purporting to show Saturday’s missile attack on an IDF jeep patrolling the border with Gaza.
The attack began the latest escalation with terror groups in Gaza, and led to over 120 rockets being fired at southern Israel.
The video was posted a number of times on YouTube but was repeatedly removed by the site’s administrators for breaching its code.
It appears to be shot from two angles on the Gaza side of the border by cameramen who were waiting for the attack, and captures two IDF patrol jeeps making their way along the border. A guided missile can be seen striking the forward jeep head-on, causing an explosion, as one of the cameramen shouts “Allahu Akbar.”
The text introducing the video says that “a group of Mujahadeen from the al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades targeted a Jeep east of Gaza with a guided missile at 16:10 on Saturday 10.11.2012, the jeep was destroyed and a Zionist soldier killed and three others injured with serious injuries.”
Four soldiers were injured in the attack, and one soldier remains in serious condition with a head injury, though his condition improved Tuesday.
The opening of the clip shows the logo of al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, a small Gazan terror groups sometimes outsourced by Hamas to carry out attacks.
The video then shows text from the Koran, chapter “al- Hashr” (The Exile), which talks about how the Jewish people were exiled from their homes by the will of Allah, because of their “transgressions.”
The video is similar to jihadi propaganda videos from across the Middle East and Afghanistan. It contains a nasheed – a jihadi song praising acts of violence, as well as religiously inspired anti-Semitic texts.
Although the IDF initially believed that the Islamic Jihad carried out the missile attack, the video bears the symbol of the Popular Resistance Committees.
The video is professionally made and is part of a wider PR effort to publicize and gain support for the group’s terror acts against Israel.
Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this report.