'Israeli embassy in Bangkok urges Thailand to beef up security in tourist hubs'

'Bangkok Post' reports Israel appeals to Bangkok to maintain vigilance through end of Passover in wake of alleged Hezbollah plot.

Thailand Bangkok police 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Thailand Bangkok police 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
With authorities still in pursuit of nine suspected Hezbollah operatives involved in allegedly plotting terrorist attacks against Israeli tourists in Thailand, the Israeli embassy in Bangkok has officially requested that Thai police beef up security in areas that are known as tourist hot spots at least until the conclusion of the Passover holiday on Tuesday, the Bangkok Post is reporting over the weekend.
According to the report, the Thai chief of police received a letter from the Israeli mission urging him to deploy more officers and security guards throughout the capital, which has been known to attract thousands of Israelis during holiday periods.
The embassy told police that Hezbollah has been planning to attack six key tourist hubs that are known to be particularly popular among Israeli backpackers in Bangkok. According to the Bangkok Post, the embassy expressed its gratitude to Thai law enforcement for the arrest of two foreigners last week who are implicated in the plot.
Thai authorities thwarted a plan by Hezbollah agents to attack Israeli tourists during this Passover season, a Thailand-based newspaper is reporting on Thursday.
According to the Bangkok Post, investigators in Thailand managed to extract a confession from one of two suspected terrorists held in custody for allegedly planning to strike at Israelis in the country.
Two of the men – Daoud Farhat, a French-Lebanese national, and Youssef Ayad, who is of Lebanese-Filipino extraction – were arrested for alleged ties to Hezbollah, the Bangkok Post reported.
According to the report, Thai law enforcement agencies arrested the two men while acting on intelligence passed to them by Israel.
A source told the Bangkok Post that Ayad has provided authorities with valuable information, including details of a plot to carry out a bomb attack against Israelis on Khao San Road, which is considered a popular tourist destination.
Despite the information, however, authorities have yet to indict the two men due to a lack of direct evidence tying them to the alleged plot, according to local media. A search of the men’s homes failed to turn up any signs of a ready-made bomb, although investigators did uncover material that could be used to make an explosive device.