IDF ousts 2 soldiers for advocating on Facebook refusal to evacuate settlers

The soldiers belonged to the Nahal Brigade; incident follows the unprecedented online support for a Nahal soldier who cocked his weapon at Palestinians.

Soldier protests settler evacuation on Facebook. (photo credit: 0404 NEWS)
Soldier protests settler evacuation on Facebook.
(photo credit: 0404 NEWS)
Two soldiers who appeared on Facebook holding signs advocating their refusal to evacuate Jews from their West Bank homes have been ejected from their unit.
They belonged to the Nahal infantry brigade.
The IDF Spokesman’s Office said that the two soldiers told their commanders that they stood behind the message in their Facebook posts.
“Using social media as a way to protest is unacceptable and causes harm to the IDF’s values,” the Spokesman said.
Army Radio reported that the Military Police would likely arrest the soldiers.
Following the ejection of the two Nahal soldiers from their unit, the IDF Spokesman said that using social media as a means to protest was unacceptable and that it harmed the values of the army.
Earlier in May, also on Facebook, there was an unprecedented outpouring of online support for a Nahal Brigade soldier who cocked his firearm when confronted by Palestinian youths in Hebron.
Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report.