IDF re-enters Burin after Molotov cocktail thrown

Border Police, IDF go into W. Bank village in search of suspect who threw Molotov cocktails at military vehicle; one arrested.

Palestinian activists, soldiers clash at  Al-Manatir 370 (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
Palestinian activists, soldiers clash at Al-Manatir 370
(photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
The IDF and Border police went into the West Bank village of Burin on Sunday night in search of a Palestinian suspect who had thrown a Molotov cocktail at a military vehicle.
One Border Police officer was lightly injured in the clashes that ensued, and one Palestinian was arrested. The IDF did not provide information on the charges against the Palestinian.
The incident follows clashes between security forces and Palestinians in and around Burin village on Saturday, after Palestinian activists tried to erect a protest tent encampment in Area B of the West Bank, on the edge of the village.
Security forces evacuated the 150 to 200 Palestinian activists from the encampment, which Palestinians called Al-Manatir.
At the end of Saturday's incident, the IDF and Border Police entered the village. Palestinians stoned their vehicles, and security forces entered the village and shot tear gas; Palestinians reported that they also used live ammunition.
On Sunday evening, some 15 IDF and Border Police vehicles entered Burin, according to Popular Struggle Coordination Committee spokeswoman Abir Kopty. She said that the IDF shot tear gas, raided five homes and detained three people, two of whom were released.
One Palestinian resident of Burin said the tear gas smoke was so thick, he had a hard time reaching his home.
The IDF said that when security forces entered the village to search for the Molotov cocktail suspect, Palestinians threw stones at their vehicles.
Security forces then used riot dispersal means, including tear gas.