Meretz launches 22-city municipal elections campaign

The left-leaning party unveils its campaign under the catchy slogan of "Meretz, a city like you always wanted."

Meretz launches election campaign 370 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Meretz launches election campaign 370
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
The left-wing Meretz party unveiled its national municipal elections campaign on Wednesday, which will see them run on municipality lists in 22 cities across the country.
Party leaders spoke in front of about 100 supporters in Tel Aviv and unveiled their campaign message, “Meretz, a city like you always wanted.”
They promoted the party as an alternative to the financial and social policies of the governing coalition, with a focus on education, culture, environmental issues, public transportation, housing and equality.
Taking aim at Finance Minister Yair Lapid, Meretz chairwoman Zehava Gal-On said that “children are not a budgetary source. Cutting child supplements just passes the buck to the crumbling local welfare and social services.”
“We aren’t about new politics,” the head of Meretz’s Knesset faction, Ilan Gilon, said of the party. “We’re old politics, different politics.”
“We were always the reddest party economically and the greenest in terms of the environment,” he said, adding that the party will continue to bring this approach to education, housing and the environment.
The Meretz party list will appear in 22 cities, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ra’anana, and Kfar Saba. The majority of the cities are in the Gush Dan area, except for Haifa and a few large cities in the south including Beersheba, Ashdod, and Ashkelon and small towns such as Mitzpe Ramon.
The party is also running mayoral candidates in four cities.
The Meretz party currently holds six seats in the Knesset.