MK Sarsour is Knesset's top spender at NIS 86,565

Knesset releases list of MKs' expenditures on "contact with voters;" Zahlaka is in second place; Barak, Lieberman, Begin had no expenses.

Money 311 (photo credit: Bloomberg)
Money 311
(photo credit: Bloomberg)
The Knesset released a list of its members' expenses for "contact with voters" on Thursday, revealing that UAL-Ta'al leader Ibrahim Sarsour spent the most.
Sarsour spent NIS 86,565, a third of which went towards printing and photocopying.
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MK Jamal Zahlaka of Balad came in second, spending over NIS 83,140, and National Union MK Uri Ariel was third with nearly NIS 83,046 in expenses.
Three MKs, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Minister-without-Portfolio Bennie Begin did not spend any money on their connection with voters.
According to Chapter 5, Section 40 of the the 2001 Knesset Decision Regarding MK Wages, MKs must publicize their expenses from the special budget for contact with constituents. Each MK is entitled to a budget of NIS 49,000, and an additional NIS 19,000 if their office is outside of the Knesset.
The budget for contact with voters can be used for a wide range of expenditures, including providing refreshments in meetings, mobile phone bills, digital cameras and hotel fees, but can not be used to buy gifts or meals.