Netanyahu boasts of achievements with illustrated cartoon on YouTube

Labor faction chairman Eitan Cabel calls the video science fiction: “I wish I knew where such a wonderful country is,” he said.

Image from Netanyahu video. (photo credit: screenshot)
Image from Netanyahu video.
(photo credit: screenshot)
There were no newspapers or news shows that marked Tuesday’s anniversary of the formation of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government with a list of its achievements, so his office released a video directly to the public.
The Prime Minister’s Office posted an illustrated cartoon to Netanyahu’s Youtube channel with a long list of his and his ministers’ accomplishments.
The two-minute clip uses whiteboard technology.
The video starts with the most consensus achievements: Highways and trains.
It boasted of the train reaching Sderot and the progress made in expanding the Jerusalem- Tel Aviv highway.
“On security issues, while the Middle East was facing upheavals, in Israel, 2013 was the quietest year in the past decade,” the clip bragged, showing a vacationer lying down on the beach drinking a cocktail as missiles are destroyed over his head by the Iron Dome anti-missile system.
The 242 km. security fence on the border with Egypt is highlighted as the end of infiltration by migrant workers.
The video notes that it was a record year for tourism and that the Open Skies policy was adopted.
It says that Israeli unemployment hit a nadir while skyrocketing in Europe. It takes credit for natural gas that started flowing and the taxes from it that will help the public.
For the coming year, the video promised increased efforts to prevent the nuclearization of Iran, opening Israeli exports to more markets overseas and lowering prices of housing and food.
“We promise to continue getting things done,” the video said at the end.
Labor faction chairman Eitan Cabel called the video “science fiction.”
“I wish I knew where such a wonderful country is,” he said.