NGO: 4 out-of-uniform soldiers beat Hebron man

Video released of alleged beating by IDF soldiers of Palestinian man; IDF denies wrongdoing.

IDF clash Palestinian in Hebron 370 (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot [file)
IDF clash Palestinian in Hebron 370
(photo credit: YouTube Screenshot [file)
A Palestinian NGO charged Wednesday that four out-of-uniform IDF soldiers in Hebron beat up and dragged a Palestinian man.
The Popular Coordination Struggle Committee provided the media with a video of the event, which occurred on Tuesday afternoon near Checkpoint 56 in Tel Rumeida.
The video showed a young Palestinian man in a white T-shirt surrounded by four IDF soldiers in running shorts and T-shirts.
The man, identified by the NGO as Abd-Elaziz Elfakhouri, 20, tells the soldiers, “do not touch me.”
The soldiers can then be seen dragging him down the hill and into a building.
At times they hold him in the air by his arms and legs.
At other points in the video, they drag him on the ground by his arm.
A soldier can be seen in the video, pushing witnesses back.
At one point, the soldiers surround Elfakhouri on the ground, but it is hard to see if they are actually hitting him.
The IDF said in response that the video does not show the entire event.
“Yesterday during a routine check in Hebron, a Palestinian refused to identify himself. The Palestinian struggled with the IDF forces, something that is not shown in the video.
The [out of uniform] soldiers in question were called to the site to help the soldiers with the incident.”
A security sources added that during questioning the Palestinian man admitted that he physically resisted the inspection. The source added that it turned out the Palestinian man was wanted for investigation.