Pink Floyd bassist freezes call to boycott Israel

Roger Waters to hold back letter calling on fellow musicians to boycott Israel; blames Israel for frozen peace process.

Roger Waters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Roger Waters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
In an interview with HuffPost Live on Monday, Pink Floyd's original co-founder and bassist Roger Waters expressed a possible change of heart over a letter he wrote last month calling on fellow musicians to join him in a boycott of Israel.
"You may not have noticed...the letter asking my fellow musicians to boycott Israel has never appeared," Waters said in the interview, "I am considering my position."
Though he has held back the release of his boycott letter, which Waters said is entitled, 'Not to talk is not an option,' his views on the Israeli government are very much what they ever were.
He placed the majority of the blame for the stagnant peace process in the Middle East on Israel saying, "the occupation and the settlement building is an impregnable obstacle to peace."
This comment echoed sentiments he expressed in an interview last month when he compared Stevie Wonder's agreement to play a gala dinner for the IDF after Operation Pillar of Defense to playing a police ball in Johannesburg after the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960.
After several organizations asked him not to, Wonder reversed his decision and canceled his performance.
When asked why he is delaying the release of his letter, Waters answered, "I am thinking all of this through very avoid some kind of dramatic moment..that would mean in the long term I have less affect on the outcome."
Waters blamed the US as well, claiming that the US has the power to stop the settlement building. "Now why don't they?" he asked, "I don't know, you don't know."