Prosor slams Lebanon violations in letter to Ban

Envoy to UN Prosor writes letter to Ban saying Lebanon violated ceasefire with Israel when one of its soldiers opened fire on IDF troops.

Lebanese soldiers311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Lebanese soldiers311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
NEW YORK – Israel on Tuesday complained to the United Nations about a series of crossborder shootings from Lebanon that it said threatened to destabilize the region.
In a letter to UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon, Israeli UN Ambassador Ron Prosor said Lebanon violated its ceasefire with Israel when one of its soldiers opened fire on a group of IDF troops earlier in the day.
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“We demand that the government of Lebanon fully investigate the role of the LAF in causing this provocation,” he said.
“Moreover, we expect the government of Lebanon to take all necessary measures to prevent such dangerous incidents from reoccurring in the future, and to ensure that the Blue Line is respected in its entirety.”
No one was wounded in the incident, but Prosor called on the international community to intervene, saying such shootings could lead to renewed conflict between the two countries.
“We also call upon the international community to take action to prevent further provocations – conveying a clear message to the government of Lebanon that such attacks are not only in violation of Security Council Resolution 1701, but also carry with them a serious potential for escalation, threatening peace and stability in this area,” he said.
It was the second complaint made by Israel regarding a cross-border shooting from Lebanon in two weeks. Prosor said it was a miracle that no Israelis were wounded on either occasion.
The Lebanese-Israeli border has been largely quiet since the end of the Second Lebanon War, when Israel and Hezbollah fought each other for a month in the summer of 2006.
The ceasefire has been violated, however, on several occasions.
In August 2010, a Lebanese soldier opened fire on a group of Israeli troops trimming bushes on the border with Lebanon, killing Commander Lieutenant Colonel Dov Harari.
Last May, 11 Lebanese protesters were killed trying to cross into Israel during a Nakba Day demonstration held on the border. Lebanon claims they were shot by Israeli soldiers, while Israel says most of them were killed by Lebanese troops trying to keep the crowd away from the fence.