UNRWA restores Web name following Palestinian outcry

UN agency reinstates original name and logo after protesters slammed decision to drop "relief" and "works" from UNRWA website.

UNRWA logo 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
UNRWA logo 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Following strong protests, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency on Monday restored its original name and logo to its official website.
The protests erupted after the agency recently dropped the words “relief” and “works” from its website, describing itself only as the “UN agency for Palestinian refugees.”
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The change in the name and logo sparked fears among Palestinians that the agency has decided to cut its services to Palestinian refugees.
Representatives of the refugees and Hamas leaders accused UNRWA of being part of a “conspiracy” to liquidate the problem of the refugees and deny them the “right of return” to their homes inside Israel.
Last week Palestinians staged a demonstration in front of the UNRWA headquarters in the Gaza Strip in protest against the change of the name and logo.
Attempts by UNRWA officials and spokesmen to assure the Palestinians that the agency has not changed its policy or mandate fell upon deaf ears.
The agency tried unsuccessfully to explain to the protesters and the Hamas government that the changes were done as part of an effort to redesign and upgrade the website on the 60th anniversary of UNRWA.
In face of the growing protests, the agency decided to restore the old logo and name so they would include the omitted words.