The high-tech side of Hapoalim

Bank Hapoalim chairman Yair Seroussi on how the bank is making the most of high-tech.

Interview with Yair Seroussi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Hapoalim‏.
Israel is witnessing a blossoming of technological entrepreneurship, according to Yair Seroussi, chairman of the board of directors of Bank Hapoalim, who says a supportive environment must be created to ensure that more Israeli-owned venture capital funds and companies continue to grow independently and keep their management centers in the country rather than be absorbed by foreign giants.
In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post, Seroussi discusses the bank's BANKAPP competition, which both encourages financial technology start-ups and works to integrate it.
Through the initiative, it's reviewed more than 200 start-ups and adopted the technology of 10 start-ups to the bank and Hapoalim plan additional adoptions soon. 
Seroussi also discusses the minimum wage hike and the prospects for Israel's economy following the summer war with Gaza.