Group calls on 'all Muslim hackers' to attack Israel, US on anniversary of 9/11

Hackers plan reprisal of Holocaust Memorial Day cyber attacks.

Hackers (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
(photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
An English-language video posted to YouTube calls on Muslim hackers around the world to participate in a effort to bring down American and Israeli websites on September 11, the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US.
“Hi, Israel, do you remember us?” the modified voice-over in the video asks, referring to previous hacking operations, as a keffiyeh-clad Joker laughs at the audience.
“We are the same people who f-----d you on April 7. And now we are back to punish you again,” the voice declares, in reference to a previous attempt, by the group Anonymous, to “erase Israel from the Internet” on Holocaust Memorial Day.
In their most recent operation, the technical militants, said to be from Anonymous and two lesser-known groups, announce the launch of operation “#OpIsrael #Reborn.” They then ask “all hacker Muslims to join their September 11 operation.
“There is no Israel in this map,” the voice says.
“No one recognizes you because it is Palestine.”
The voice then asks, “Who are the terrorists?” while showing images of terrorist attacks.
It then calls on Americans and Israelis to expect an attack of some kind on September 11.
“America, Israel. We will show you,” it reiterates.
Three hacker groups, Anonymous, AnonGhost and Fallaga claim credit for the video posted on Monday toward its end.
A logo with the words “Free Palestine” is printed across the last screenshot.
Underneath the main text, in a barely visible font, the video asks, “May Allah help out hackers and mujahideen.”