iPhone app for the Kotel released

New iPhone app will stream live video of Kotel; users can send emails to be placed in wall's cracks; compass will give prayer direction.

Kotel app on iPhone (photo credit: AP)
Kotel app on iPhone
(photo credit: AP)
Anyone who’s ever had an immediate need for a virtual tour of the Western Wall Tunnels will not have to wait any longer, as the Western Wall Heritage Center released its official “Kotel Application” for iPhones this week in Hebrew, English, and Russian. The application will allow users to see a live video feed of the Western Wall Plaza, send a note to be put in the Wall, or learn about the history of the area through virtual tours.
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“The Western Wall has been in the heart of every Jew in the world for 2,000 years,” Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz said. “So it's natural that in this technological age, there are ways to express the love and dedication of Jews to the Western Wall and to Jerusalem.”
He added that he hoped the application would “strengthen the young generation’s bond to the Kotel and encourage even more to come and connect to the chain of Jewish generations.” The application is available from Apple’s iTunes store free of charge.