58-year-old Lod resident regains ability to hear

Mifal Hapayis kiosk owner helped with implant surgery to hear customers happy over winning prizes.

Avishai Alshvili and family. (photo credit: COURTESY KAPLAN MEDICAL CENTER)
Avishai Alshvili and family.
The hearing of 58-year-old Avishai Alshvili, a Lod resident and Mifal Hapayis kiosk owner, has been restored after 10 years of deafness, thanks to complex surgery carried out recently at Rehovot’s Kaplan Medical Center.
Alshvili, who was handicapped in his work by his inability to hear, underwent a cochlear implant surgery.
The implant stimulates the auditory nerve in the hearing sense in the brain.
Dr. Udi Katznel, of the earnose- and-throat department of the hospital, said that clinical communications specialists, surgeons, a geneticist and a social worker were involved in the successful operation.
Alshvili suffered for 20 years from gradually declining hearing, and lost the sense completely a decade ago. He was forced to read lips and write messages to understand his family, friends and customers.
After receiving recommendations about Katznel, he decided to undergo the surgery and implant the electronic device – which is in the basket of health services.
The Mifal Hapayis kiosk owner said that finally, in addition to communicating with his family, he would be able to congratulate winners of the Lotto and other games.
“In the past, I had many winners at my kiosk, and now I’ll be able to hear their cries of joy,” he said.
He urged other deaf people to check and see if they can be helped by cochlear implants.