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TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Age: 38 Residence: Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA Married? With children? To Shira Rena; One - an eight month old daughter Naomi Occupation: Real Estate Developer Education: MBA - Loyola University - Chicago Pets: A menagerie - 9 finches, 4 dogs and 4 goldfish Religious affiliation / observance: conservative lite Last person / party I voted for: Bush Next person / party I will vote for: Republican / McCain My history (100 words max): If I knew then what I know now... Growing up in a wealthy Jewish suburb of Detroit, I was sheltered from the realities of life. Learning more about my family's history as well as Israel and Judaism's history has made me an activist for the survival of Israel and the Jewish people. I married the girl of my dreams 4 years ago who happens to be a rabbi's daughter and has an amazing extended family. I am very fortunate Family history (100 words max): I have two older brothers and we all work with my dad in our family real estate company. My father is a Hungarian survivor of Holocaust and my mom is from Scotland. They met in the US after the war. Because of my dad's experiences at Auschwitz, where his mother, father, brother and sister were gassed, we are staunch supporters of the state of Israel and must fight to keep Israel strong. We are all strong supporters of AIPAC. I also have 10 nieces and nephews running around at all of our Shabbat and holiday dinners My connection with Israel: I have family living in Israel so I have been fortunate to have visited this beautiful country about a dozen times with family, alone on Ulpan and with organized groups. One day my wife and I would love to either make Aliya or spend months at a time there. It's truly my favorite place on earth What I would take with me to a deserted island: My family, including the dogs, the Tanach and my bagpipes. And don't forget the sunscreen If I could have dinner with any person in the world it would be: George Washington. Very interesting that he turned down the offer of kingship of the United States Which feminine/masculine trait would I like to have: A woman's amazing pain tolerance. Watching my wife go through labor was unbelievable What angers you: That the tiny sliver of land called Israel, a haven for the Jewish people who have been slaughered for the millenia is vilified every day from every walk of life - from the ignorant racist on the street to the leaders of countries. No matter what Israel does (or doesn't do), she is not welcome in this world and most would be happy to see her gone. It makes me sick What makes you happy: Spending quiet time with my family relaxing at home away from the hustle and bustle. And watching my eight month old's face light up in a smile when she sees me Last book I read was: Crouching Father, Hidden Toddler: A Zen guide for new dads. By C.W. Nevas. This is my first time and I need all the help I can get! Comfort food: Unfortunately I like just about any kind of fast food out there so you name it, I'll eat it. My life five years from now: Enjoying my life with my wife with 2-3 more kids running around and hopefully a better Michigan economy for everyone involved. You may not like it but I have something controversial to say: I think that if the Arab extremists, who are the most vicious anti-Semites since the Nazis, had the chance, they would slaughter every Jewish man, woman and child in Israel and anywhere else a Jew would be found. A quote I read and believe in: If the Arabs put down there guns today, there would be no more bloodshed. If the Israelis put down there guns tomorrow, there would be no more Israel. Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 8 Click here to leave a message for Michael TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Meet all 'About Me' participants