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Editor's Note: Due to a technical problem in our mail server, some About Me forms have been lost. If you've sent one and have yet to appear, please re-send along with your photo Try one yourself >>> Age: 54 Residence: USA Married? With children? Betty, three daughters: Joy, Brooks, Amber Occupation: Truck driver Education: Bachelour of Arts in Political Science and History Pets: 4 dogs: Molly, Lilly, Mabelline, Julie Religious affiliation / observance: Southern Baptist Last person / party I voted for: George W. Bush My history (100 words max): Born in Indianapolis. Served in US Army, Attended Indiana University, Indiana State University and graduated Western Kentucky University. I met my wife on the Internet. She is a Native American Indian (Cherokee) and she is a handful Family history (100 words max): I can follow my family back to the Tower of Babel. I even have a quote from a fore father, "qsewa borzic prelmetz". Unfortunately no one has ever been able to interpret it My connection with Israel: I'm a Christian that believes every word of the Bible. As a child I was taught that Israel is G-d's chosen people and I've never seen a reason to doubt it Defining moment: I've read 23 books on evolution, corresponded with 21 Nobel Laureates of science asking about G-d and evolution. I know why I'm a Bible believing Christian Daily routine: I wake up at 1:00AM and pray to the G-d of Israel before I leave my bed. 1:30AM I step out of my home. I drive to Chicago 2 1/2 hrs and try to get out of the city by 6:00AM. I drive to Iowa and return home by 1:00PM having driven 1000Km. I spend the rest of my day with my wife On Friday night... Friday nights are for dancing. Unfortunately I don't dance so I usually stay and home and listen to my wife tell me her life's story. War and Peace has nothing on my wife (I'm not kidding) Last book I read was: The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren. I disagree with his theology Comfort food: Pizza, anything sweet. Don't get me started, I'm already way overweight My mentor: Billy Graham. He says that he has never stopped praying since he was 12 years old. I never stop praying except when I have to instruct a driver on how to drive in Chicago 3 wishes: 1: Peace that lasts forever in Israel. 2: Make it into heaven and talk to the heroes of the Bible. 3: I would like to know what makes women tick??? Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 9 Try one yourself >>> Meet IDF combat soldier Nicole and all 'About Me' participants