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TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Age: 45 Residence: Ashdod, Israel Married? With children? Yes, two from previous marriage, and that's my grandson I am cuddling (in the photo), one from this marriage Occupation: Draftsman by trade but artist by desire Education: Standard UK education and BA Degree Pets: Oooh rats, three! Bassett, Spaniel and Aquarium Religious affiliation / observance: I converted to Judaism, I keep kosher, go to Beit Knesset Friday nights (usually) and Shomer Shabbat Last person / party I voted for: Likud! Would also be the first party I voted for as I voted for the first time ever last elections! Next person / party I will vote for: I would have to check them out My history (100 words max): Brought up in the UK, married RAF Officer, had two children who are now grown and live in the UK, was very unhappy for a long time, met hubby on Internet during conversion, moved to Israel and married him 6 weeks later in Cyprus, did conversion and married under the Chuppah in 2002, had baby aged 40 in 2003 by IVF who is the same age as Maddy McCann (the missing child from Portugal) Family history (100 words max): Mother, very nice and lives in UK, father who is a Mayor at the moment in the UK, both were very supportive of me during the Transition! Twin brother who thinks I am insane, he is probably right .... no one in my family stitches or paints so dont know where that came from ... My connection with Israel: I live here and I own my own apartment which has tenants, I drive here and have the grey hairs to prove it, and I am married to an Israeli On Friday night... The whole nine yards, table cloth, no TV, no computers, no phones just either us or his wonderful family for Shabbat My next / recent vacation: UK, to see my daughter following the expected birth of her next baby in September Last book I read was: Amos Oz - to be honest I struggled with it, Joanna Trollope which was great and counting the days to Harry Potter... sad I know Comfort food: Nothing, am on high cholesterol diet so if its tasty, its banned My life five years from now: Oooh - still here, married, selling paintings, more rats... Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 8 TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Meet all 'About Me' participants