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Richard D. Weisskopf
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Try one yourself >>> Residence: Jerusalem Married? With children? Yes. Two little ones Occupation: Humanitarian Aide Education: Masters Degree Pets: Peeves Religious affiliation / observance: Jewish / Shomer Shabbat Last person / party I voted for: Likud Family history (100 words max): I am an American Jew who married a Russian Jew. We made aliyah and started having children who are Israeli Jews. We want our children's children to be planted like trees in the Land of our forefathers. Defining moment: Soon after we made aliyah, I got involved in humanitarian work here. Israelis always amaze me. So many think about others when they also need help. It really inspires me to think about the needs of others from time to time and not always focus upon my own problems. My favorite holiday: Sukkot/Simchat Torah. After so much soul-searching and repenting, I have an assurance that my name is in the Book of Life. Now it's time to party! I mean, how often can I prove my commitment to Torah by getting drunk? On Friday night... My wife serves the best Erev Shabbat meals. We make sure to leave room at our table for guests. Wanna come? Comfort food: BBQ Bamba; Elite Chocolate-covered coffee wafers; homemade Israeli fruit shakes; most Israeli food - sometimes a nice Armaretto. My mentor: There have been so many at different stages of my life. Dr. Feinberg really taught me the importance of priestly behavior for Jews. 3 wishes: I wish for an end to poverty in Israel. I wish for true peace in Israel. I wish to freely say in Hebrew, "I was in Tahiti and I was wrong and I saw and I drank." Try one yourself >>>
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