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world newspapers 298.88 (photo credit: AP [file])
world newspapers 298.88
(photo credit: AP [file])
Since the War in the North erupted almost two weeks ago, it has no doubt captured the main headlines of media outfits across the world. We selected a number of editorials and opinion pieces from the US, UK and the Arab World. Our intention was to showcase what's out there, whether supportive of Israel or not. Get the job done (New York Post) A besieged Israel last night stood poised to launch a ground war to drive Hezbollah terrorists back from the Lebanese-Israeli border. If that's what it takes to get the job done, so be it. Hizbullah's Apocalypse Now (The Peninsula, Qatar) What on Earth was Hizbullah up to when it abducted two Israeli soldiers and provoked a punishing response that is creating orphans and bringing down buildings all around us? Peace Abhors a Vacuum (Los Angeles Times) Having smashed much of the nation's infrastructure, not to mention any chance at political accord, Israel probably has succeeded in creating a new power vacuum in the lands across its northern border. For Lebanon's Sake (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London-based Arab daily) We are facing a gigantic Iranian assault on the Arab world, in Iraq where Iran has become the number one player, even at America's expense, according to the Iraqi politician Saleh al Mutlaq, and in Lebanon, where everyone knows how far-reaching Iranian influence is, through its local representative, Hizbullah. The shocking silence from No 10 (The Times, UK) Blair's tacit support for Israel's grossly disproportionate actions sends the wrong message. America fails to address Lebanon's key players (The Daily Telegraph, UK) No reasonable person would deny Israel's right to retaliate after the abduction of two of its soldiers. But that raises the question as to whether the immediate interests of the government in Jerusalem - stopping kidnapping and rocket attacks by the radical Shia group - coincide with the longer-term interests of Western powers in the Middle East. Nothing Good Will Come Out of This War (Arab News, Saudi Arabia) A person returning here after a long absence and seeing our TV screens might get the impression that a military junta is governing Israel, writes Israel far left wing activist Uri Avneri. Israel Draws Little US Ire (Wall Street Journal) Most surprising is one kind of pressure Rice won't be feeling: There is little public outcry back home in the US to compel Israel to pull back. More Than a Cease-Fire Needed (The New York Times) Everyone's first stop needs to be Damascus, to tell President Bashar al-Assad of Syria that he will be persona non grata if he keeps meddling in Lebanon. The time to cease fire (The Boston Globe) The devastation already visited upon Lebanon should be more than enough to achieve what is achievable in the restoration of lost deterrence. Rumors of World War III ... (Chicago Tribune) What would be worse than today's nihilists? Today's nihilists armed with nuclear bombs. A War With Extremists (The Washington Post) This Middle East conflict should end with the defeat of its instigators. No time for 'restraint' (The Washington Times) If Israel ultimately prevails over Hezbollah (as we expect it will), this would be seriously damaging for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - reducing the ability of Iran's No. 1 terrorist proxy to target US soldiers and interests in the event of a future conflict between Washington and Teheran. The time to prepare for Lebanon's uncertain future is now (The Daily Star, Lebanon) The power disparity alone means Lebanon is in no position to abandon the Arab world by negotiating a full-fledged peace treaty with the Jewish state. Blackmail by bombs (Al-Ahram, Egypt) Israel's determination to unbalance the Lebanese equation has been long in the planning, writes Israeli Knesset member Azmi Bishara. All they were waiting for was an auspicious time. Go home Condoleezza (Gulf News, United Arab Emirates) Historically, Arabs are known for hospitality, but they do not want her here. It will be futile.