In the Press: What the world has to say about Shalit

A glimpse of editorial and opinion articles published on the matter in major publications.

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shalit 88
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The world has been gripped by the story of Gilad Shalit's kidnapping and the ensuing Israeli attempt to set him free. A large number of editorials and opinions have featured in the global press during the last eight days dedicated to the subject. brings you a glimpse of the editorial and opinion articles that had been published on the matter in major publications in the West and the Arab world. The United States The New York Times: Hamas provokes a fight The Washington Post: Hamas's war The Washington Times: How Hamas 'outsources' terror The Los Angeles Times: Both Sides in Gaza Standoff Have Much to Lose The United Kingdom The Observer: Israel's act of war is inexcusable The Daily Telegraph: Israel's new leader must stop trying to emulate Sharon Arab World Arab News: (Saudi Arabia): World Cup? For Palestinians It's Again Death and Destruction Daily Star (Lebanon): Retaliation leads not to victory, but to death, destruction and stalemate Compiled by James Goldstein