Jaffa's Bride of the Sea Center empowering Muslim women

About 100 women are enrolled in classes at Bride of the Sea, learning new skills such as bookkeeping, home finances, computers and English.

Jaffadolls (photo credit: Israel21c.org)
(photo credit: Israel21c.org)
The pluralistic seaside city of Jaffa, part of the Tel Aviv municipality, is a living testament to Israel’s cultural and religious vibrancy. But unlike their Jewish and Christian counterparts, traditional Muslim women in Jaffa have a harder time integrating into the predominantly male social and business fabric of the community.
So Safa Younes, a former parole officer, asked some friends and her mother: If she built a community center for them, would they go to it?
With an affirmative answer in hand, seven years ago Younes created the Jaffa Bride of the Sea Women’s Community Center. Hundreds of other women have helped develop the center’s social projects.
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