'Jerusalem Post' launches new homepage design

New layout highlights original content, preserves look and feel of JPost.com, focuses on graphic element.

New design 311 (photo credit: JPost.com staff)
New design 311
(photo credit: JPost.com staff)
JPost.com launched a new homepage design on Sunday, which highlights our original content, presents a cleaner layout, and offers the reader more personal choice. The redesign preserves the look and feel of JPost.com, while introducing new, modern elements and incorporating your suggestions and feedback.
We’ve bolstered the news section of the site, adding a sliding panel with 12 stories. The slider showcases current events, analysis and feature stories from Jerusalem Post reporters, and is configured to display four different stories every six seconds. In addition, more sections were added to the homepage, including a “Middle East” section in response to popular demand.
The new JPost.com designThe new JPost.com design
The Blogs section, which previously displayed just four posts, now showcases 13 pieces. The new section consists of nine of the most recent posts from our top bloggers, and four more which are hand-selected by our blogs editor daily to introduce fresh, less-familiar voices.
The new JPost.com Blogs sectionThe new JPost.com Blogs section
The Premium Zone has also been revamped, to better present the content exclusive to our paying subscribers.
The new JPost.com designThe new JPost.com design
The new design manifests our vision of modern news coverage: Clear, reliable and up-to-the-minute articles which are complemented by cutting-image visual elements. In the last year alone, video content on the site has tripled and the number of galleries has doubled; the new homepage highlights this graphic content. Rather than assigning specific slots on the homepage for video and photo galleries, the new site features an eye-catching space to highlight original material with a JPost take on Israel, the Jewish world and the Middle East.
We’ve also integrated an updated social media box into the new design, to help users bring together popular elements of the 21st century online experience. The box shows the most-active threads on the site, a Facebook tab and a Twitter tab.
We hope you like the new look, and would love to hear what you think. Please either post in the comments section below, or email us directly at [email protected]