Jerusalem Post launches new interactive talkback system

In a world where the debate at the end of an article is often just as stimulating as the piece itself, the Jpost has redesigned talkbacks.

Disqus 311 (photo credit: Disqus)
Disqus 311
(photo credit: Disqus)
In the world of online journalism, reader response is an integral part of the story; the debate that takes place at the end of an article is often just as stimulating and interesting as the story itself. In our talkback section, readers form a small community bound by similar interests, which gathers at to debate and share thoughts.
Understanding the value of readers and their comments, we have launched a new system that will make debating and sharing ideas simple and fun.
The new system allows registered users to comment on stories and share comments on social networking sites like twitter and facebook. The platform also gathers individual user's comments, recommendations and followers, and displays them on a centralized profile page.
So, how does it work?
At the bottom of every article you'll find a text box, which reads "Type your comment here." To start commenting, simply click in that field and start typing. When you're done, click on "post as" and choose the platform from which you'd like to log in.
We recommend you create an account on Disqus, which will enable you to monitor comments you wrote, articles you shared and how many "Likes" your comments received. Jerusalem Post readers using Disqus accounts will form an online community where they can follow each other's comments and ideas. Users will also be notified when someone replies to their comments, and follow other talkbackers. For more information on Disqus accounts, go to
You also have the option to comment as a guest, but as a guest your comment will only be posted after approval by our moderating team.
If you find a comment offensive, you can report it to our moderators for review by pressing the flag icon. A window will then pop-up asking, "Report this comment to a moderator?" Click on "Yes, flag this as inappropriate," and the comment will be forwarded to our moderators for review.
We want your feedback!
Like everything online these days, this is a work-in-progress, and we want your feedback. Let us know about your experience with the new system by emailing [email protected]