Promotion: The art of 'Music on Hold'

Israeli organizations improve their telephone prompts and hold systems, using "caller psychologies know how."

audio ID 370 (photo credit: Audio ID)
audio ID 370
(photo credit: Audio ID)
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Many organizations use telephone automated switchboards to conduct their communication with clients and the public. As these switchboards rely on recorded messages, we spend a considerable amount of time listening to announcements and on hold music.
In most cases, this is annoying. The messages take too long, the music is too loud or repetitive, and the caller is captivated to listen in, in order to be in line for the call.In some cases, the recording includes a lengthily self add of the company,in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Lately, more and more Israeli organizations have improved their telephone prompts, using "caller psychologies know how."
The Israeli electrical company, the Tel Aviv Municipality, most of Israel's hotels and many others, co operated with professional companies to make the caller feel at ease, while he is holding.
Surprisingly Israel is one of the three most developed countries in this field. About 10 Israeli companies produce recorded music and prompts for the telephone media. The leading ones use research and knowledge that eases the caller, and gives him and her, the feeling that their valuable time is not wasted.
"Producing to a captivated caller on the phone is an art that involves: Social correctness, psychology, and a lot of talent, says Amnon Yalon from Audio-ID.
Hopefully, we'll be hearing more from these talents, next time we place a call.
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