Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of August 8, 2014

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Think twice before speaking or acting on a hunch. This is the week for dealing with facts and not fantasy.

Star galaxy nebula colourful 370 (photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
Star galaxy nebula colourful 370
(photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
You have a lot on your mind and may find it difficult to relax enough in order to get a good night’s sleep. Take a deep breath and believe in yourself…everyone else does.
Where money and financial matters are concerned, you may have to pull back a bit and if you really don’t need it then refrain from buying it.
There is no one like family and this week you will surround yourself by people you see all the time as well as one or two from your past who show up and make a simple get-together turn into a party.
HINT: A problem from the past is no longer relevant, so move on.
Although not overly affectionate or verbal about your feelings you have an opportunity now to tell your partner and/or mate just how much you appreciate all they have done for you along the way.
One or two words will make all the difference and will be greatly appreciated.
Take some time off during the middle portion of this week to sit down and get some paperwork done. Lately you have found it difficult to concentrate and this window of opportunity is just what you have been looking for.
HINT: Short-term plans may be changed or abandoned…it is up to you.
Starts and stops where money and finances are concerned cannot be avoided, so plan accordingly.
In the long run all will work out better than you had hoped, but for the time being you need to be careful and watch your bank account.
A meeting with a sibling is just what you need to help you put things back into perspective. Together you make an awesome team.
HINT: When talking to a fire sign remember that this person is someone who sincerely wishes to help you professionally so pay attention and, if necessary, take notes.
For the past few weeks you have had the feeling that you are not only treading water but may be losing ground along the way. If you take a step back you will see that you are in exactly the right place at the right time, so relax and trust yourself. Professionally, those closest to you appreciate your experience and expertise and are grateful for the time and patience you continue to show them. Someone living far away is on your mind so pick up the phone or send a message.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for cutting back and relaxing at home.
The lessons you learned in the past will stand you in good stead now so don’t hesitate to rely on your vast knowledge and experience when dealing with co-workers and clients. Your natural sense of fair play will do a lot to help a friend who needs a clear mind and a warm heart. Financially you may be feeling some stress right now but rest assured that in the not too distant future all will be well. You have planted strong roots and can branch out from there.
HINT: Take some time off this week to be with family and close friends.
You continue working hard, but the truth is that you enjoy what you are doing and the people you come into contact with who are interesting, experienced and appreciate the time you spend with them.
This is a good week for making an extra effort even though you may not want to. Pay attention to unnecessary spending as unnecessary spending might cause financial stress later on in the month.
HINT: A conversation with a friend could suddenly erupt into a heated discussion which could get out of hand. On the other hand it could be a perfect opportunity to clear the air…up to you.
You may feel rather frustrated about your career at the present, but if you take a step back you will notice that most of your needs are being met.
In the months to come you will have the opportunity to re-evaluate your situation and make a decision concerning your professional future. Trust yourself. Time spent with a water sign will prove to be much more pleasant than you had imagined so don’t hesitate to initiate a meeting.
HINT: A conversation with a partner and/or mate will help you uncover the answer you have been seeking to a question or two.
Finding a quiet corner where you can think and relax has been a challenge over the past few weeks but if you contact another water sign who you consider a close friend and colleague, you will be amazed at how much that conversation will help. Working in close contact with an earth sign can be challenging so be prepared for some interesting days. When in doubt, trust your intuition and you won’t err.
HINT: Wednesday and Thursday are your days for taking care of personal business and for pampering yourself. The diet may have to wait a week or two.
You may discover that you are a little nervous and on edge this week especially on Sunday and Monday and the best thing you can do is to keep busy. The feeling will quickly pass and once again you will be more in control. When dealing with your partner and/or mate give this person a bit more space as tension is in the air and the less involved you get the better.
HINT: The middle portion of this week is perfect for working on a major project which demands precision, concentration and creativity on your part.
You will be happy to discover that time spent with a sibling is actually pleasant and this is a perfect opportunity for you to solidify your connection.
Before making any major decisions, double check your information, and then get the advice from an expert. The final decision, of course is your own, but you will feel better knowing you have carefully checked out all your options.
HINT: Time spent with a Pisces may leave you wondering why you bothered, but as the week progresses you will be amazed at just how special this person is and how happy you are to have him on your team.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Money flows through your fingers this week and if you are not careful and stop soon you will find it difficult to meet your expenses at the end of the month.
There is so much on your calendar right now that you may have to enlist the help of a trusted friend in order to get things done properly and on time. This weekend is the perfect time for an open discussion with your partner and/or mate. Although you don’t always see eye-to-eye, you do have each other’s back and sometimes that is more important.
HINT: Time spent with a Leo is never boring.
You may have the feeling that lately you are being tossed from place to place when all you really wish to do is curl up in your favorite chair and read a book. The people you meet right now will make a lasting impression and some of them will become dear friends. Money and financial matters are always important and this week, even though you have some unusual expenses, you do have everything under control.
HINT: Try to take some time away from your busy schedule to spend with your partner and/ or mate. This person cares more than you know.