Star Trek's 'Nazi episode' aired for first time in Germany

Controversial episode aired, 43 years after its creation; contains Nazi uniforms, plans to annihilate "planet Zeon" with "final solution."

William Shatner (photo credit: Reuters)
William Shatner
(photo credit: Reuters)
An episode of the science fiction television series Star Trek, portraying characters dressed as Nazis, was aired on Friday night for the first time ever on  German public television, The Telegraph reported Saturday.
The episode was made in 1968, but due to its content, which is riddled with Nazi insignia, slogans and ideology, it was deemed inappropriate to air in Germany.
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In the episode, "Patterns of Force," characters wear Nazi uniform, one of whom states that Nazi Germany was "the most efficent society ever created."
In "Patterns of Force" the "Enterprise" crew visit planet Ekos which is dominated by a regime modeled on the German Nazi Party. The Ekosians are at war with neighboring planet Zeon, whose name triggered comparisons with Zion, according to The Telegraph.
Characters Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock watch a video broadcast in which the planet's inhabitants' are obsessed with "a final solution" involving the extinction of all Zeons who reside on their planet, and the destruction of planet Zeon. The episode is concluded with the reporter making a Nazi salute to the Führer.
The episode was aired by public broadcaster ZDF. "By showing this episode Star Trek fans will be able to see the complete series for the first time in its entirety," The Telegraph quoted ZDF editorial director Doctor Simone Emmelius telling German media. 
Dr. Emmelius added that a German FSK-16 regulation ensured that nobody under the age of 16 was allowed to watch, and it was shown after 10 o'clock at night so the "audience is capable of questioning the complexity of the episode".