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Rejoice, for the holidays are upon us! This Friday marks the eve of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and here at JPost headquarters we have additional reasons for celebration. For this Rosh Hashana finds us making the final preparations for the launch, over the next few weeks, of a much-improved website at We are confident that you'll find our redesigned site clearer and easier to use, while staying true to the principles that have made by far the biggest Jewish newspaper website in the English-speaking world. But we also have a request. We work 24-7 to bring you breaking news from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world, combined with incisive analysis, enthralling features, the smartest opinion pieces - and reader dialogue via blogs and talkbacks. Our redesigned site will maintain those priorities, and offer a wealth of additional features too, including much-enhanced video content. Our request from you now is that you help us perfect the site by telling us what else you want from it. What would make the experience better for you? Which additional elements would you like to see? There's no one better than you, our readers, to offer this kind of input, and we do hope you'll give it some thought, and get back to us, by email, at We want our redesigned site to be as good as we can make it... and as good as you can help us make it! Shana Tova! Shani Rosenfelder (Managing Editor, Yariv Carni (CEO,