Share your simcha on is proud to introduce a new Web 2.0 feature, bringing the JPost community together.

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simchas 298.88
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As the worldwide number of Internet users rapidly climbs, already surpassing 1 billion, voices from the past - arguing that the World Wide Web was unlikely to become a mass media - seem delirious, at best. A major factor that has been contributing to the Internet's soaring popularity is what has become known as Web 2.0. If the term could be summed up in one sentence (it probably can't so if you want to read more, click here), then Web 2.0 is an online platform in which users exchange information, generate and share their own content by interacting in global social networks. There is no better proof to the Web 2.0 boom than the recent acquisition of YouTube by Google for a mere $1.65 billion (that's a b), a deal which prompted experts to call the News Corp. buyout of MySpace for $580 million - a bargain buy. is proud to announce that it is launching an exciting new Web 2.0 feature - JPost Simchas. JPostSimchas, jointly developed by and The Jerusalem Post, is a print and online feature enabling users to announce and post pictures of happy occasions, reserve a date for upcoming events, see related simchas and post good wishes. The partnership will include other functions of the website including NameTags, which allows users of the site to browse the site and claim (or "tag") photos of themselves. Also popular is, the founding team's matchmaking initiative. To date, boasts over 200,000 photos of Jewish Simchas. Last month, 19 million pages were viewed and 1,400 simchas were posted. JPostSimchas will always be on the home page, below the Editor's Picks box and our new bottom half of the home page. So check it out and join the community.