'Will Israel strike Iran? Today is the first time I have a sense this could really happen'

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hot potato 224
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This is your chance to voice your opinion. We've chosen a controversial / interesting entry that appeared on our site (talkback, blog, etc...) and we want to know what you have to say about it. TODAY'S HOT POTATO: Taken from article: Top US official: IAF unlikely to hit Iran in '08 Talkback #: 106 Talkbacker: Eli, NY Text: Will Israel actually strike Iran? today is the first time i have a sense this could really happen. maybe it's the accumulation of reports around it, the 3 ticking clocks: the technological advancement of the Iranian bomb, the end of Bush's term and possibly Olmert's too. it all adds up. can't say exactly how i feel about this. is this the right thing to do? hard to say. but probably it is. What do you think? The ball is in your court now. Click here to respond