Australian Educators Connect with Israel

A delegation of teachers and educators from twenty schools in Australia and New Zealand is embarking on a 10-day study tour of Israel.

Educators from Australia and New Zealand plant trees at the Tzippori Field and Forest Centre (photo credit: YOAV DEVIR KKL-JNF)
Educators from Australia and New Zealand plant trees at the Tzippori Field and Forest Centre
(photo credit: YOAV DEVIR KKL-JNF)
The Australian educators’ study tour is spending ten days in Israel touring the length and breadth of the country and is observing a variety of KKL-JNF projects for the benefit of people and the environment, including those developed in partnership with JNF Australia. The tour is being led by the KKL-JNF Education Division’s Overseas Department.
The trip began with a visit to the Rosh Tzipor Birdwatching Center in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park, a KKL-JNF project that was implemented with the support of JNF Australia. The site includes a lake, wetlands, a winter pond and water-filled channels, all constructed. The diverse vegetation planted provides habitats for different bird species. Scattered around the lake are observation points and outdoor classrooms that enable visitors to enjoy this natural world that thrives amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.
“I’m delighted to be visiting places here that I haven’t seen before,” said Tessa Dorfan, director of academic support at Sydney’s Reddam House School. “I have a profound connection to Israel, and every visit here is truly food for my soul.”
“I still can’t believe that we’re actually here in Israel,” said Maureen Hallahan, principal of Vaucluse School in Sydney, who is visiting here for the first time. “As our school has a large number of Jewish students, I’ve heard a lot of stories about Israel over the years, and for me, visiting here is both a learning experience and a spiritual one.”
This is the second successive year that an Australian educational delegation of this kind has visited Israel, and Hani Dessa, director of the KKL-JNF Education Division’s Overseas Education Department, explains that the objective is to make these visits an annual event that will continue for many years to come. “This trip is the high point of our collaboration with educators all around the world,” she said. “With your help, we shall continue to strengthen the young generation’s Zionist identity, for the sake of the future of the Jewish People.”
The delegates are visiting nature and heritage sites all over Israel, meeting Israeli educators and students and taking part in a range of educational workshops.
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