Gadgets: Now pay attention, 007

The Cowon Q5 PMP is packed with more high-end features than you can possibly think of.

cowan 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
cowan 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Definitely a hot piece of hardware, the Cowon Q5 PMP is packed with more high-end features than you can possibly think of. The unit boasts a simple yet luxurious black metal body with a 16-million color 13-centimeter 720 x 480 touchscreen; WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity; FM radio/recorder; and Web-browsing capabilities - helpful to keep track of your Gmail account or chat with your MSN messenger buddies at any given moment - for good or bad. Want more? How about a built-in GPS to simplify your next out-of-the-city navigating adventure? Well, this feature is optional, but sometimes you have to go the whole nine yards. This powerful and technologically advanced device is not so much an MP3 player or even a portable media player; it's more similar to an ultra-mobile media PC. The Cowon Q5 runs a mobile version of Windows (WinCE 5.0 Professional) as its operating system - which means you get the familiar Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. It has a TV-out support with NTSC and PAL that works effortlessly, and like desktop computers, the player settings can be changed via the Control Panel. The touch screen interface is straightforward and immediate. You can navigate using either your fingers or the extendable stylus stored in the top right-hand corner of the player. As with many Cowon products, the Q5 supports a wide range of available music and video formats, including OGG, MPC and WAV files. Video file support is equally impressive with AVI (DivX, Xvid), ASF, WMV, MPEG and MP4 - all supported natively without conversion. The player features a full USB 2.0 Host socket, allowing you to download data directly from USB devices such as digital cameras. Due to the Q5's integration with Windows CE, the built in Wi-Fi module allows you to download music and video content via Wi-Fi from your PC, write nasty talkbacks to your favorite blog, and pretty much everything else you would normally do on the Internet. It also has a built-in USB port on the side, making it simple to plug into an external keyboard or mouse. Thanks to the built in Bluetooth, you can get wirelessly hooked to it with a Bluetooth headphone, and as a fully featured wireless remote controller comes with the package, you don't even have to get out your chair to control the player! Battery life has always been the weakest link of such visual masterpieces, but with this one you'll manage to squeeze seven hours of video playback and 13 hours of audio playback (according to the manufacturer). I haven't put that into practice yet, but if true - with the huge screen, such battery life is impressive. If all that gets your pulse racing, you can get the 60GB model for NIS 2,999 at BUG. [email protected]