Israel leads the world in Internet use

Study shows that Israelis surf the Net twice as much as Americans.

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net surfer 88
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A recently published study showed that the average Israeli spends more time surfing the Internet than anyone else in the world. The comScore World Metrix, which claims to be the first true estimate of global Internet traffic, indicated that Israelis spend on average 57.5 hours every month. That figure is more than double the average time per month that American users spend online. Leading the list of top users, alongside Israel, were Finland, South Korea, the Netherlands and Taiwan. The United States did not make the top 15 list of users. The study found that of the 694 million people worldwide over the age of 15 - about 14 percent of the world population - who use Internet services, nearly 25% come from east Asia: China, Japan, India and Korea. Even though the US was found to be the single country with the greatest amount of Net surfers - 152 million, or 22% of the worldwide surfers - President and CEO of comScore Media Metrix Peter Daboll noted that, just ten years ago, two-thirds of the world Internet users were American. "This is a sea change of enormous proportion," Daboll stated. "These high engagement levels [abroad] demonstrate the importance of global measurement and underscore the fact that the Web is certainly not just a US phenomenon." The change represented the increasing penetration of the Internet across the world, making it truly a world-wide web.