Pessah made easy, via the Web

People who want to make dishes kosher for Pessah can view the site and follow the detailed instructions.

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Pessah 88
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The sale of hametz (leavened grain), instructions on making dishes kosher for Pessah, a friendly haggada and tips for the Seder. All this and more is available from the Web site of the Tzohar NGO. According to Halacha, it is not enough to refrain from eating hametz during the weeklong holiday, it must be thrown away, burned or temporarily sold to a non-Jew. "For a rabbi to sell people's hametz, he needs their power of attorney so he can sell it to a non-Jew. Before the Internet, people wrote down where exactly in the home the hametz was located for their rabbi, the rabbi sold it for them and bought it back when the holiday was over," said Rabbi David Stav, the chief rabbi of Shoham. "Every year as Pessah approaches I take those powers of attorney and sell them to a non-Jew, who owns the hametz for the holiday period. When the holiday is over I simply buy them back, and then the hametz is permitted for eating and enjoying," said Stav, adding that this will be the second Pessah for the Internet project. It was a great success among both secular and religious Jews last year, he says. The free service is offered to all Israeli residents and requires a valid e-mail address. To sell hametz, follow the simple instructions at In addition, people who want to make dishes kosher for Pessah can view the site and follow the detailed instructions that were written by Rabbi Shmuel David, the chief rabbi of Afula. Tzohar's haggada, with explanations about the holiday's traditions and educational suggestions for the Seder, is also available for downloading.