Virtual Reality: In the year 2023

All about my new all-in-one card developed by MYnG, whose initials stand for the former hi-tech powerhouses Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.

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I'm in my car heading to work and listening to the latest news update from my home page - broadcast straight to my blue tooth ear device from my all-in-one card stashed in my wallet. What's my all-in-one card, you ask? Well, it's real simple: it looks like a credit card, only smaller, thinner and much more flexible. It enables its user to be connected at all times to the "mother network", which is a powerful mobile network that covers the entire planet and even one kilometer above the atmosphere. The card was developed by MYnG, whose initials stand for the former hi-tech powerhouses Microsoft, Yahoo and Google, which merged into one giant conglomerate. Rumor has it that its founders actually meant to say: My New God. So, as I was about to tell you, my ear device also has a tiny microphone that receives my instructions and transmits them directly to my all-in-one card. Such cards serve not only individuals. They can be found in every technological, mechanical or functional device. It exists in cars, refrigerators, HTSs (home transmission systems) etc. Since all cards have their own codes, they are attached to their relevant "mother network", which controls other cards in the network. For example, families usually have cards with full control while their children have only limited control. The cards are location-based (for an additional $1.99 a month), thus enabling them to synchronize to everything that is relevant to our lives: family, friends, car, home, office and even jimbo the dog. So, as I was saying, I am in my car listening to the news when suddenly the broadcast stops and I hear from my earphone that it is recommended that I push forward my 9 o'clock meeting to 9:30 because there is a traffic jam at the entrance to Jerusalem. I am then told that I should fill up some gas in my car since I only have enough for 45 kilometers, though not in the next station as there are 5 cars at the spot waiting to be fueled. After listening to my schedule for the day, I dictated to my earphone several emails and SMSs I needed to send. I then activated a 'code 3', which means that I cannot be disturbed unless a pre-defined emergency comes up. I will be arriving in my office in five minutes. Suddenly it comes upon me that I could use a warm hug from Jenny, my virtual lover, located somewhere in the room in the form of a frequency. Well, I have no intention to share with you the content of our discussion, but I can tell you this: after speaking with Jenny I always end up feeling strange despite the fact that she told me exactly what I wanted to hear. I don't really feel better - perhaps even the contrary… Previous entries: Leading a niche The revolution is here