Bar-Ilan opening $130m. nanotechnology center

50 senior researchers from all over the world will work at the center.

bar ilan nanotech center (photo credit: )
bar ilan nanotech center
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Bar-Ilan University will invest $100 million in a new Nanotechnology Center, with $30m. more to come from the government. The facility will be ready in 2008, according to BIU president Prof. Moshe Kaveh. Some 50 senior researchers from Israel and abroad will be brought in to work there, with special emphasis given to attracting Israeli experts working abroad with individual $1 million research grants. Each researcher will employ four doctoral students in his or her lab. A total of 200 scientists in the fields of chemistry, physics, medical imaging, energy storage, water desalination and drug delivery will work in the interdisciplinary center, which will establish start-up companies to carry out commercial-industrial pilot projects for speedy transfer to the marketplace. The new center will be an outgrowth of BIU's Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Research, which was set up seven years ago and includes 17 research groups. In recent years, its staffers have published 400 articles in leading professional science and medical journals. It was recognized by Europe's Marie Curie Centers‚ program for training in the development of production techniques for nanometric materials. Nanotechnology is the science of creating tiny structures only a few molecules in size and one-hundred thousandth of the width of a human hair. Only some of the projected uses are to coat artificial structures to be used as organ implants, treat cancer, promote healing of wounds with anti-bacterial materials, improve medical imaging, produce environmentally friendly batteries, create better biological glues and supply a plentiful amount of solar energy.