Software Review: 'Master Teacher'

This helpful program produces a variety of things to facilitate the production of teaching materials that pique interest, especially among younger children.

master teacher 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
master teacher 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Master Teacher Professional for Davka Writer, an add-on tool for Davka Writer Platinum 6, by Davka Corporation (, represented in Israel by Dekel Software ([email protected], (02) 991-2718), NIS 329. Rating: ***** Israeli teachers and their counterparts in Diaspora Jewish schools need all the help they can get. Able to access an unlimited amount of textual and visual information and entertainment over the Internet any time of day or night, many pupils have little patience for old-fashioned frontal teaching. This helpful program - which supplements the Davka Writer word-processing program on which I have written all my stories from home since it was released in 2005 - doesn't create fireworks, but it does produce a variety of things to facilitate the composition of exams and produce teaching material that pique interest, especially among younger children. By inserting the CD-ROM into your drive, you automatically update your Davka Writer. Just go into Tools and click on the Master Teacher icon or on the add-on's newly created toolbar button to activate it. Type in words or sentences into the data source with which to create an English or Hebrew crossword puzzle, matching quiz, multiple-choice quiz, study sheet, exam, puzzle of jumbled words or word-search. Open the Master Teacher dialogue box, specify the data source holding the material you want to work on, set the project properties and click Create. Make sure you click the appropriate "Left to Right" or "Right to Left" depending on what language or combination of languages you are using. You can also access a data source from a file that is not yet open by clicking the Browse button and searching for the file you want. An automatic table formatter produces grids to insert Hebrew words, for example, along with their English definitions and notes such as parts of speech. The quizzes can be printed with answer sheets. You can even export the document to PDF using DavkaWriter's PDF Export option. Crossword puzzles and games are easily produced in a split second with words prepared in the data source. The handy program is yet another disk to assist teachers, in addition to Anti-Cheat, a CD-ROM produced a few years ago by English teacher Laurin Lewis of the Word Kitchen company to generate multiple-choice exams in a way that stops cheating by shuffling the questions in a different order.