Bouncing 6.245-kilo baby boy (14 pounds) born to diabetic woman at Rambam

Head of the high risk pregnancy unit at hospital says despite the unusual weight, the delivery went well.

large baby370 (photo credit: Courtesy Rambam Medical Center)
large baby370
(photo credit: Courtesy Rambam Medical Center)
A baby boy weighing a whopping 6.245 kilos was born on Tuesday morning at Rambam Medical Center. He emerged via cesarean section during his mother’s 38th week of pregnancy.
He was so huge that the Haifa hospital’s neonatal unit lacked pyjamas big enough for him and had to buy clothes meant for a much larger infant.
The mother, Sivan Dabush -- a 31-year-old resident of Bnei Yehuda on the Golan Heights.
Dabush said in Wednesday that her two other boys were also hefty -- weighing between 4.5 kilos and five kilos. “I suffer from infantile diabetes, so the medications I take (insulin) cause the babies to be big. This was my biggest -- and for sure the last,” she said.
Rambam doctors had estimated that the fetus weighed around 5.5 kilos, so they were surprised that the baby was much bigger. “This is the second-largest baby I have encountered at Rambam, said Prof. Shraga Blazar, head of neonatal and pediatric intensive care. Twenty years ago I delivered a 6.3-kilo baby, but even when I worked in the US, I never saw such a big newborn.”
“For the sake of the mother’s and baby’s health, we prefer not to have such situations,” said Prof. Ido Sholet, head of the high-risk pregnancy unit, “but despite the unusual weight, the delivery went well.”
Newborns generally weigh around 6.2 kilos when they are six months old, the doctors said. The Guiness Book of Records recently described the birth last July in Germany of a 6.12-kilo baby, while the second in Spain last month weighed 6.2 kilos.