Chicken pox breaks out among UK haredim

The Health Ministry urges travelers going abroad, especially to the UK, to be vaccinated against chicken pox.

Nurse 370 (photo credit: courtesy)
Nurse 370
(photo credit: courtesy)
The Health Ministry reported on Tuesday that a chicken pox epidemic has broken out in the UK, especially among the local haredi community.
All travelers going abroad, especially to the UK, were urged to be vaccinated against chicken pox at their baby healthcare (tipat halav) clinics, health fund clinics, district health fund or travelers’ clinics.
Those aged six to 11 months old need a single dose; those aged from one year to 17 years need two doses at least four weeks between them; and those aged 18 to 56 years also require two doses at least a month apart. People who were born in 1957 or before are considered immunologically protected, and they do not need a booster shot.
The haredi community tends less to get immunized than other sectors.
A few years ago, an outbreak of the measles – which is also highly infectious – among hassidim in the UK led to thousands of cases in Israel, as many came for a huge wedding in Jerusalem.
It took many months before the measles outbreak subsided here.