Enjoy a safe Independence Day

Steer clear of fireworks, barbeques, animal bites and foam sprays to stay safe this Independence Day.

Yom Haatzmaut Haifa 465 1 (photo credit: Tzvi Roger)
Yom Haatzmaut Haifa 465 1
(photo credit: Tzvi Roger)
Although the celebration of the state’s anniversary of independence next week is a happy event, some people – especially children – will end the day in hospitals and emergency clinics with harm from fireworks, barbecues, animal bites and foam sprays.
Dr. Hussein Amar, head of emergency medicine at Ziv Medical Center in Safed, said foam sprays can burn the corneas and other tissues.
Every year, the Magen David Adom and United Hatzalah emergency services get many calls and victims have to be taken to emergency rooms.
Amar said that observing a few general rules of safety can ensure enjoyment rather than pain and suffering on Independence Day: Keep children away from firecrackers and bang snaps (napatzim). Do not store them in pockets, because they can suddenly explode.
Always supervise children and prevent them from getting too close to barbecue grills, which must be set down in a stable position. Don’t let children grill the food or touch the equipment, as they often end up stepping on hot coals or wooden sticks that were used to prepare the meat.
Foam sprays contain toxic chemicals that can burn the eyes and damage them irreparably.
Do not allow them to be aimed at others’ faces or used in crowded areas. If such an accident has happened, take the person to the emergency room along with the spray container so it can be identified.
When families spend time in public spaces, supervise small children at all time and bring enough water to prevent dehydration. Take firstaid kits with you. Do not leave young children out of your sight near swimming pools or other bodies of water.
When using the car, buckle up all passengers properly and put young children in authorized car seats.
Do not allow children up to the age of five to eat hot dogs unless they are cut lengthwise; round pieces could get stuck in the windpipe.
Do not leave any snacks in the vicinity of young children.
Meanwhile, MDA said that it will be on high alert for both Remembrance Day and Independence Day. Its medics and ambulance staff will be on duty at military cemeteries and war memorials on Monday.