Health Ministry warns public against ‘imposter’ posing as physician

Ministry seeking more information on unlicensed medical practitioner in Israel, Adiel Tel-Oren.

Stethoscope [Illustrative] (photo credit: Courtesy of alaasafei)
Stethoscope [Illustrative]
(photo credit: Courtesy of alaasafei)
The Health Ministry issued a warning yesterday about a man named Adiel Tel-Oren who presents himself as a physician but is an imposter.
He is “unlicensed to practice medicine in Israel. He treats patients in his clinic while using preparations that are liable to endanger health and are not approved for use,” the ministry said on Thursday.
Its enforcement and supervision branch received complaints against Tel-Oren, who sees patients with dermatological conditions. An investigation found that he is not licensed as an MD in Israel, the ministry said. Inspectors and Tel Aviv police searched Tel- Oren’s office on Wednesday and confiscated products and various documents. The investigation will continue, it said and invited the public to refer complaints in person to the ministry’s branch at 9 Eliav Street; by mail to POB 91342, or by dialing (02) 6551-772.
An Internet search revealed that Tel-Oren calls himself an “Israel-born physician” or “Dr. T” who “authors books, sees patients in 15 clinics and lectures extensively several times a year, and obtained his two doctorate degrees in chiropractic and in general medicine.”
He is also described on websites as a “renowned holistic scientist, author, innovator, and educator consulting for medical laboratories and professional medical product manufacturers, formulating new products, designing green buildings and lecturing to doctors and the public worldwide on Natural Principles, Health, Medicine, Nutrition, and Sustainability.”
The Health Ministry’s enforcement and supervision branch released its statement though the ministry spokeswoman on Thursday night. As it was impossible to reach Tel Oren before press time, quotes from Tel Oren’s website were included in the report.
The ministry says that Tel Oren “admitted to us while he was taped that he is not a licensed medical doctor,” that he is not recognized as an MD in either Israel or the US and that the authorities suspect his studies’ diploma from Russia is “counterfeit.” The ministry asked the public to present more evidence against Tel Oren to “protect the public’s health.” The ministry’s official statement was broadcast on Channel 10 and appeared in other media.
Dr. Tel Oren’s office said in response: "Dr. Adiel Tel Oren never presented himself as a doctor in Israel, despite his education and qualifications in medicine, and he certainly was not an imposter phsysician. Dr. Tel Oren does not give medical treatments that require a medical license from the Health Ministry, but rather alternative holistic skin treatments. Hundreds of patients who gave up on conventional medicine can testify to the success of his treatments, which alleviated their conditions."