Pharmacy students demand end to license delays

Student Association demands that ministry push through amendment to legislation to change the situation.

Pharmacist pouring something 311 (photo credit: NATI SHOHAT/FLASH90)
Pharmacist pouring something 311
(photo credit: NATI SHOHAT/FLASH90)
A demonstration was held outside the Health Ministry’s new offices in Jerusalem on Wednesday by pharmacy students protesting the long gap between the time they can work with a license and their graduation.
The Pharmacy Law, which was passed a little over a year ago, says that pharmacy students must finish an internship in their final year and can then apply for a license.
The National Student Association said it demanded that the ministry push through an amendment to legislation that would change the situation.
The licensing test will be held only in December of this year and the following June.
Those who finish their studies in the summer and start an internship will have to wait at least six months to take the exam. If they pass, only then can they work as pharmacists.
Therefore they would be prevented from starting their profession and would instead have to subsist on loans or their parents’ money until that point.
The ministry invited representatives to meet with Dr. Amir Shanoun, head of the professional licensing department.
The spokeswoman of Health Minister Yael German said she was new in her post and studying the issue.