24 Winning Gifts for Hanukkah 2015 + 8 BONUS Ideas Just for Kids

Get ready to change the way you think about Hanukkah gift giving! Discover over 30 winning ideas for practical, pampering, or value-priced gifts from Israel in our Hanukkah 2015 Gift Guide.

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(photo credit: JWG)
Do you support Israel? 
So why not shop in Israel this Hanukkah? You can support Israel’s economy and bring yourself the highest quality and best values this Hanukkah. Here are our staff’s top picks for Hanukkah Gifts 2015. We’ve made it easier for you by picking a practical gift, a pampering gift, and special items that are value-priced. Shopping just for kids? Our top picks for kids are at the end.
The Dead Sea lies so close to Israel’s capital that you can get a glimpse of it from the hills of Jerusalem. Its unique geography produces some of the most interesting minerals in the world. These minerals are what makes Dead Sea cosmetics so sought-after.
Give as a gift or treat yourself to the wonderful cosmetics of the Dead Sea.
Ahava Mineral Hand Cream – Perfect for wintery dry hands, this classic Ahava product is an easy win for anyone who uses hand cream. It’s also a great hostess gift or a token of appreciation. Don’t know what to get someone? Now you do! It’s one of the most well-loved products in the 15-year history of our online store.
Ahava Liquid Dead Sea Salt – This incredible product brings the concentrated salt of the Dead Sea to your home, without the mess of mud or slipperiness of scrubs. Just apply, leave on the body for two minutes, and rinse off. Without a doubt, this is one of our staff’s top picks! Pamper yourself or someone else with the remarkably soothing salts of the Dead Sea, in an easy-to-use liquid.
Edom Dead Sea Cosmetics – Edom’s Dead Sea Cosmetics are a value-driven and quality-oriented brand with gifts starting at just $4.99 for soaps, including Dead Sea black mud, Dead Sea sulfur for troubled skin. They also offer natural Dead Sea bath salts for the same price! You can’t beat these values. Edom’s products are suitable for all skin types and are closer in composition to European products than American cosmetics; the scents are light and the creams tend to absorb well.
If you know Israel, you know that its capital, Jerusalem, is one of the holiest places in the world. It’s also where the story of Hanukkah took place. It was home to the Second Temple, which was rededicated in the Hanukah story.
This Hanukkah, remember Jerusalem and help others do the same.
Jerusalem T-Shirts or Sweatshirts – Nothing is more practical than socks and underwear, but t-shirts and sweatshirts come close! Now featuring exclusive designs and brand new items for 2015.
Artori Jerusalem Map Clock – This cool modern design is both decorative and practical. Need a clock? How about this one?
Jerusalem Roman Glass Pendant – Keep a little bit of Jerusalem with you when you wear a gorgeous round Jerusalem pendant. This unique pendant is available with a Roman glass center or Eilat stone.
Gold & Double Diamond Banded Ring – Wow! From world renown Ben Jewelry, we bring you one of the most lavish rings ever made. The detail is just astonishing and the craftsmanship admirable. This ring is the ultimate in luxury.
Yair Emanuel Embroidered Bookmark –  At less than $3.50, this beautiful bookmark is a value-friendly way of bringing a bit of Jerusalem to your loved ones. It’s also a great token of appreciation for teachers, tutors, or avid readers.
Seal of Jerusalem Pin – At less than $4, this enamel and metal pin is a lovely choice and if you already have this one, try a I Love Jerusalem Pin, also value priced. Great for backpacks, jackets, bags, and more.
If there is one iconic item that says “Hanukkah,” it’s definitely the menorah. There are seven-branch menorahs and nine-branch menorahs (eight plus the shumash). Our menorahs come in all sorts of designs, materials, and styles. In recent years, a trend in Israel has people lighting up dozens of menorahs to bring as much light as possible.
You can never have too many menorahs; you can never give too many menorahs so this Hanukkah give the gift of a menorah. Or just treat yourself!
Travel Menorah & Shabbat Candlesticks from Yair Emanuel – This menorah will get the job done and then some. Perfect for the traveler in your life, college students, newlyweds, or even “just in case.” Beautifully designed, this wooden menorah/candlestick combo features a newly married couple embracing. The same model is also available with an “Oriental,” Jerusalem, Seven Species, or other motif.
Artisan Hanukkah Candles – Sure, you can light with the Manischewitz, but you can also spoil your menorah a bit this year with a set of candles from Tzfat (Safed). These carefully crafted candles come in festive blue & white and burn for over an hour. Also available in multicolor or red/pink/orange. Light up in style and and support Israel.
Modern Art Menorahs – If you love modern design, you can’t miss some of our new additions! Agayof Design’s “miracle” menorah looks like it’s floating. Brand new to our store, Laura Cowan’s Saturn Menorah & Dreidel Set brings an ultra-modern and original  look to menorahs. Finally, Shraga Landesman’s nature-inspired menorah, in nickel silver, is a modern look that can pair with any decor. Only for serious modern art lovers!
Silver & Gold Plated Menorah – Get the look and feel of real silver & gold for under $30. This beautiful Tree of Life menorah is a delightful way to light the candles this Hanukkah. Its clean design lends to different types of home decoration and styles. A budget-friendly model, it’s also a great gift for children.
Silver Plated Classic Branch Menorah – This look is a classic, with a value-oriented twist- silver plating. If you’re looking for a sterling silver menorah, but don’t have the budget for it, this is the perfect alternative. This sparkling shiny menorah will look amazing in a bay window or on your mantle as it lights up your Hanukkah.
The only thing we’re missing is a dreidel made of clay! Whether “A Great Miracle Happened Here” or “A Great Miracle Happened There,” spin to your heart’s delight!
You’re never too old to spin!
Yair Emanuel’s Dreidel Collection – A dreidel that includes a dreidel stand? Pure genius! Now you can enjoy your beautifully painted dreidel year round.
Sterling Silver Filigree Menorah – Keep this one away from the kids! Made of 925 sterling silver and adorned with garnet stones, this beautiful dreidel is an eye-catching work of art. It’s detailed craftsmanship and fine materials makes this truly a dreidel to treasure for generations.
Yealat Chen Gold Plated Lacework Dreidel – Now it’s not a “cheap” in the sense of the word “inexpensive,” but it is an amazing value at $44.99. This gorgeous dreidel features detailed lacework and 24k gold plating. A comparable dreidel in solid gold would cost hundreds, if not thousands. Enjoy the look of gold with a friendlier price.
If there were an ideal time to give, receive, or treat yourself to menorah jewelry it would without a doubt be Hanukkah. An enduring symbol of the Jewish people, the menorah is an iconic motif that will stand the test of time.
14k Gold Menorah Pendant – The clean lines and crisp design makes this beautiful menorah pendant an ideal gift of jewelry. Why? Everyone loves real gold and the clean design fits many different styles and tastes.
Diamonds & Rubies 18k Gold Menorah Pendant – Just wow! This menorah and Star of David 18k gold pendant features seven sparkling rubies and diamonds with no less than .18ct, minimum clarity VS, minimum color F, and Very Good cuts. It’s no surprise that this comes from Ben Jewelers, a legendary jewelry company that had its start in the Royal Courts of Yemen.
White Gold Diamonds & Sapphire Pendant – Another wow from Ben Jewelers, this stunning pendant has a minimum carat weight of .34 and features seven deep blue sapphires. The pendant is 0.8” x 0.7” and is large enough for a man, yet not too large for a woman.
Sterling Silver with Zirconia Menorah Pendant – At $34.99 this 925 sterling silver pendant is value-priced. This alluring silver pendant is a budget-conscious way to give the gift of fine jewelry!
For The Kids
Now it’s hard to categorize these, but here are our staff picks for ideal gifts for Haunkkah! Of course some of the above gifts are perfectly wonderful for kids, but these are our staff picks especially for kids or the young at heart.
Menorah Puzzle – In Hebrew, this fun Yair Emanuel design can help teach the Aleph Bet and provide some fun along the way.
Second Temple Model – This laser cut Second Temple kit is perfect for your budding engineer!
Menorah Mosaic Kit – Keep the bigger little ones busy with this fun kit.
Teddy Bear Wearing Israeli Flag Hoodie – This cuddly little bear loves Israel.
Handpainted Hamsa in Pink – Adorable! Featuring a blessing for Health, Luck, Success, and Love, your little girl will adore this youthful hamsa. We also have a gender-neutral hamsa for kids as well.
Good Boy/Good Girl Kiddush Cup – From Agayof design, this cup is a exquisite addition to your Shabbat table.
Star of David Pendants – A few of our staff’s favorite pendants fitting for kids are a silver filigree opal Star of David pendant, a silver Star of David with menorah, and the classic Star of David in sterling silver. The best value is the sterling silver Star of David classic necklace, at just $39.99.
“Ahava” Collection from Israel Museum – Featuring the iconic word “ahava” in Hebrew, this collection includes key chains, rings, bracelets, necklaces, keepsake boxes, and more! This is perfect for older kids who are difficult to buy for.
Happy Hanukkah from JudaicaWebStore.com!