How to Earn College Credit on Birthright Israel

New program offers an immersive educational experience in collaboration with three of Israel’s top academic institutions.

Leetal Elmaleh (photo credit: LEETAL ELMALEH)
Leetal Elmaleh
(photo credit: LEETAL ELMALEH)
Over the past 16 years, Birthright Israel has brought more than 500,000 young Jews from across the world to Israel for an action packed 10-day adventure. Now, they are taking the program to the next level with the introduction of college credits.
Birthright Israel Academic is a brand new 13-day program offering an immersive educational experience in collaboration with three of Israel’s top academic institutions. In addition to the traditional Birthright Israel experience, students take an accelerated special-interest course taught throughout their travels and earn up to 3 credits! 
The courses offered this summer include:
Israel's Ecosystems - Where the Desert Meets the Sea: From Coral Reefs Ecology to Desert Biotechnology - Ben Gurion University
Focusing on marine geology and coral reef biology, this course explores the coral reef ecosystem, learning about what makes the Gulf of Eilat unique while experiencing firsthand the challenges of a desert environment. Guided by top professors and researchers in the field, the course will include amazing field excursions, such as snorkeling the Red Sea, exploring a reef observatory, connecting the plant and animal life of the region, hiking through the mountains of Eilat, examining renewable energy sources, and an exciting research cruise. Beyond these amazing experiences in the field, participants learn through hands-on research projects, demonstrations, and lectures, all on Ben Gurion University’s Eilat Campus.
Challenge of Terrorism to Israel, the Middle East & the Global Arena  – IDC Herzliya
Located in the center of the Middle East, Israel is one of the world’s most intriguing and complex countries. Woven into the modern and constantly changing social trends, there are historic, deep rooted religious sects and inter-woven tribal affiliations. In this course, students become familiar with these complex issues, learn to analyze them, and come to a better understanding of the challenge terrorism in Israel poses to the world at large.
Israel and the ‘New Middle East’: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges in Israel's Foreign and Security Policy – Tel Aviv University
The past four years have brought substantial, fast-paced change to the Middle East and North Africa region. The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ has shaken up the regional status quo and contributed to transforming the political, social, and security landscape of the Middle East. The course explores Israel’s security and foreign policy in light of the complex and evolving regional dynamics. In defining Israel’s new security environment, the course will go beyond the military/hard-security dimension to address also emerging economic, political, and social challenges and opportunities.
Ben Gurion University, IDC Herzliya, and Tel Aviv University are three of Israel’s world renowned, leading academic institutions. These schools maintain study abroad agreements with many colleges in the United States and worldwide. Eligibility requires students to maintain a 3.0+ GPA prior to acceptance to the Birthright Israel Academic program, and the course costs $500 - their Birthright Israel experience is still free!
Registration for this program is now open and sure to fill up quickly with students looking to advance their degree through this fast and fun opportunity. Get your spot at