IDF drill causes fire in Golan

Gamla reservation damaged; nature reserve personnel evacuate vultures.

griffon vulture 248.88 (photo credit: Yoram Shpirer )
griffon vulture 248.88
(photo credit: Yoram Shpirer )
A fire broke out on the Golan Heights early on Wednesday morning, causing significant damage to the Gamla nature reserve. Nature reserve personnel have evacuated Griffon vulture nests located in the reservation and acclimatization cages where vulture chicks are prepared for release into the wild.
The fire started as a result of IDF exercises in the area, aided by the very warm weather.
More then ten different fire fighting teams, from all over the area, aided by soldiers and nature reserve personnel are trying to control the fire.
Going for gold in Gamla
The Gamla reserve is home to the largest colony of Griffon vultures in the country and includes the archaeological remains of the ancient Jewish city of Gamla, where the historian Josephus led resistance against the Romans before being defeated and changing sides.