The Best Selling Cars in Israel and Australia

Car companies spend a lot of money to become memorable and favoured in the eyes of buyers

The Best Selling Cars 758 (photo credit: CAR TUBE)
The Best Selling Cars 758
(photo credit: CAR TUBE)
With advertising, sales and new designs coming out all the time, the car market is incredibly competitive all around the world.
But do preferences for particular car brands, makes and models can change depending on where you are? Here we take a look at the three best selling car brands in Israel and Australia to see where things vary and where they are similar.
The most popular car brands in Israel
Hyundai is the number one car company in Israel,The company has held the accounting for 13.1% of all new car sales in 2014 according to a report from CarTube. The company has held the top spot in Israel for the past three years and sold a total of 31,376 cars in the 12 months to December 2014.
Hyundai is followed by Toyota in terms of sales for 2014, with the latter making up 11.4% of all new car sales for the year. Toyota’s sales actually increased 20% throughout the year and it was the best selling brand in April 2014, so it could become a serious contender for the top spot in 2015.
Rounding out the top three car brands in Israel is Kia, which made up 11% of all sales for 2014. Like Toyota, Kia’s popularity has increased significantly (26%) and was the best seller in August 2014.
The most popular car brands in Australia
Toyota is by far the most popular car brand in Australia, and has been for the past 12 years. In 2014 it celebrated 10 years of annual sales above 200,000 units, with the Toyota Corolla by far the most popular model.
The next most popular company in Australia is Holden, which made up 9% of market sales in 2014 and sold 106,092 for the year. The company is, however, facing tough competition from Hyundai, which made it over the 100,000 sales mark for the first time in 2014 and is expected to do better in 2015.
Despite Hyundai’s rising popularity in Australia, the third spot actually goes to Mazda¬. The company’s total sales of 100,704 cars pushed Hyundai to fourth place, largely thanks to the popularity of the Madza3, which was the overall second-best selling car model in Australia in 2014 and made up 43% of all Mazda sales.
While the three most popular car brands in Israel and Australia have more differences than similarities, there is actually one common element: in both countries the Toyota Corolla was the bestselling car for 2014.
In Israel a total of 13,694 Corolla’s were sold during the year, while in Australia the car company says it sold a record-breaking 40,000. The popularity of this model in both countries suggests that a lot of the people buying cars are looking for something compact, comfortable and reliable, with the Corolla consistently one of the best-selling compact and sub-compact car models in the world.
So even though the biggest car brands in Israel and Australia are not the same, there are parallels when it comes to the best selling car model in 2014.