Art for life

A local organization offers a good time for a great cause.

Graffiti artist Solomon decorates the neighborhood. He is one of the many artists Art for Life supports. (photo credit: Courtesy)
Graffiti artist Solomon decorates the neighborhood. He is one of the many artists Art for Life supports.
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Chana Leah Galy loves art. It has always been an integral part of her life. Today she is founder and creative director of the Art for Life organization, whose headquarters are in Nahlaot.
Although the rigors of daily life had required her to cut down on her volunteering, Galy wanted to keep on contributing to her community, and to the artists and creative forces within it.
At a friend’s party, Galy met Rachel Kosberg. The two connected over a shared love of art and community.
Realizing they would make a great team, they began mapping out the structure of their new organization, with Kosberg in the role of director of public relations.
Art for Life started out as a one-event idea, but has turned into something much bigger. Galy saw that the time and effort it would take to produce one event, could be channelled into many, and have a more lasting impact.
The idea behind Art for Life is to allow artists, creative spirits and innovators to show the world – or at least Jerusalem – what they are all about.
“There’s a way to give back without having six figures in your bank account,” says Galy. “We promote you, and you give us your talent and your time for a good cause.”
Art for Life provides the platform on which to do just that, by producing events that showcase talented artists, while promoting small businesses and other worthwhile organizations at the same time. Art For Life is not a nonprofit; it is an organization dedicated to the idea that giving back means promoting independent artists, in conjunction with locally-grown companies, while at the same time, raising awareness for various charities and organizations. The organization’s first event, Music for Life, is being held tomorrow at Alma Roof Top, 37 Hillel St.
It will feature live music by The Portnoy Brothers, followed by the G-Nome Project, and introducing DJ RuuV. The Tzedek Bar and Sweetie Pie are contributors to the event.
The Facebook page for the event reads, “You can’t spell ‘music’ without U and I.” It’s a clever tagline that is paying off. The organization has garnered hundreds of Facebook followers in a very little time.
Says Galy, “This is our first event. We want to show the world what we do. We are a community of artists creating for a cause. We want everyone to join us and party. And you can’t spell ‘party’ without ‘art.’” With the Facebook campaign and the bands’ broad fan base, Galy is hoping that Music for Life will yield a good turnout and set the tone for future events. With the entry fee, including a free shot, at an affordable NIS 30, Music for Life is setting a precedent for Art for Life’s policy of not overcharging . Galy stands firm on this issue. Future events, she hopes, will see the proceeds going to various charities.
In fact, Art for Life’s second event, planned for February 26, is a fundraiser, also hosted at the Alma Rooftop Bar.
The Mad Man vs Mad Hatter Fundraiser will be a costume party, complete with theme drinks and a DJ. Art rrfor Life is working in conjunction with The Lone Soldier Center for the event, in order to raise awareness of lone soldiers. The idea is to be creative, let loose and allow your inner mad man or mad hatter to come out and play for a worthy cause. Prices are to be announced, with discounts for those who purchase tickets in advance.
Art for Life plans to host monthly or bi-monthly events with a scope not limited to parties. Galy has a wide range of ideas; but at the core, Art for Life is about promoting artists, innovators and small businesses, to give them a stage on which to shine. It’s all about reciprocity.
For more information about Art for Life or its upcoming events, visit the organization’s Facebook page at as well as