A guide to new bus routes – again

Grab a pen, and take note of these changes to public transit.

18 bus (photo credit: Sybil Ehrlich)
18 bus
(photo credit: Sybil Ehrlich)
Ten months after the last bus route shake-up, further changes have been made, starting today. Two new routes have been introduced, several existing routes are changed, and one has been completely withdrawn – the 24-alef.
The new routes are 10, from Mount Herzl via Kiryat Hayovel, San Martin, the Katamonim and the Talpiot Industrial Zone, terminating at the Talpiot bus parking lot, and the 65, from Ammunition Hill to the Hebrew University campus on Mount Scopus.
The changes – which will no doubt please some and infuriate others – are as follows: The 4 and 4-alef are extended from the Malha mall to Teddy Stadium. These routes no longer go along Elazar Hamoda’i, Hizkiyahu Hamelech and Rahel Imenu streets (that section of the route is now served by the 18).
Meanwhile, the 18 has several significant route changes.
Starting at Teddy Stadium and continuing via the Malha mall, the route is the same as it was as far as Ben-Zakai Street but now goes along Elazar Hamoda’i, Hizkiyahu Hamelech and Rahel Imenu streets. Instead of going along King David Street, the 18 now goes along King George Avenue, past the Davidka and the central bus station, and terminates at the Bridge of Strings.
The 17 is extended from the Malha mall to the Givat Masua terminal. The 19 is changed in the southbound direction only (from Mount Scopus to Hadassah Ein Kerem), going along Shivtei Yisrael, Hanevi’im, Kiah and Eliash streets. There is no change in the northbound route.
The 35 now goes round the Malha neighborhood, to the Malha mall and Teddy Stadium, and no longer goes to Givat Masua.
The 68 has new stops in the area of French Hill – at the Givat Hamivtar intersection and on Sheshet Hayamim Street.
In addition, Shlomzion Hamalka Street has been closed to traffic to allow for upgrading of infrastructure. Buses that previously stopped on this street have been changed as follows: The 6 towards Pisgat Ze’ev stops on Hanevi’im Street; the 18 to the central bus station on King George Avenue; the 30 to Gilo on King David Street; the 38-alef to the Jewish Quarter on Agron Street; the 49 in both directions on King David Street; the 124 to Ma’aleh Adumim on Hanevi’im Street.
There are also changes in the stops for the night buses: The 102, 106 and 107 to the city center stop on Shivtei Yisrael Street, and towards Talpiot on Straus Street. The 104 and 105 stop in both directions on Agron Street. The 115 night bus to and from Beit Shemesh stops on Agron Street, and the 480 to Tel Aviv (after midnight only) also stops on Agron Street.